Star Riders

Our aim is to build star riders, our kites have the abilty to see you through your lifetime of kitesurfing, your star kite will help you progress from strenght to strenght.

Star Kites

Star Kites are built with the rider in mind, now on its 9th year generation we have master a good quailty wind machine.

Contact Us

You can contact us via:

Whatsapp: +573143311026

Facebook: Starkites_worldwide

Instagram: Starkites_worldwide

Email: [email protected]

Star Smiles

We plan to make everyone smile as bright as the stars, with our star kites, we know you'll soon have that beaming smile that we desire.

Star Prices

With an aim to make kitesurfing visible to all, we offer our kites at fantastic prices. We have no overheads so we can pass all the discounts onto you.