Elite V4 Kitesurfing Bar


Elite V4 Kitesurfing Bar

We have engineered a star bar to create star riders, our Elite V4 kitesurfing control bar offers all kiteboarders a clean, hassle free riding experience.


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By only designing what is absolutely necessary on a control bar and using the simplest safety system in the industry, our pros don’t have to modify their bars, and beginners can focus more on the ride without compromising their safety. The ELITE control bar is highly functional and suits all riding styles.
Simplicity improves performance but also durability; more parts usually means more potential failures. The ELITE bar is composed of very few simple parts made of the most durable materials in the trade to create a long lasting, heavy duty control bar. It complies with AFNOR standards, and can be used on most 4 line kites.
The 5th generation bar has everything a rider needs… nothing more.
=> Comes with 24 meter lines and safety leash


  • Protected single depower line instead of two : no more stopper so an extra inch of depower range
  • Red security line PU fully protected (to avoid wear)
  • Orange/grey grip with softer feeling
  • Stainless center piece (bar hole)
  • New bar ends design and mold : allow more space for storing your lines away.
  • Coming now with a mini leash , way more convenient for free ride , old school jumping and surfing.
  • Fully coated , very durable and near-impossible to stretch orange/grey lines.


  • Pre-stretched, color coded and durable lines
  • Heavy duty and easy to use de-power strap
  • Soft molded bar ends/floaters (with bungee for wrapping lines)
  • Comfortable color coded bar grip
  • Top of the line chicken loop, with below the bar swivel to untwist lines manually
  • Out of the way safety leash connection
  • Easy to reset chicken loop
  • Plastic covered center line glides smoothly between fingers and never wears out

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